Texture At its finest 

this picture i decided to use because they way the used the texture and color to make this painting look alive really caught my attention!
i chose this picture because i love how they used the black and white to make the painting come to life
this picture has always been one of my favorites because the way they used the color and texture to illustrate the scene
i chose this picture because of the landscape. i feel it was very well thought out and took a lot of time to make it look as intricate as the artist did
this painting is one of my favorites because i love how the artists painted this tree
the textures used in this painting are some of my favorites i love the animals and how they stick out to me in this work of art
the landscape done in this painting really makes me understand the textures of the painting
i chose this because the landscape and textures used on the mountain tops make it really stick out
my favorite part of this picture is the color and the many textures used to make this painting come to life
this is a great painting because the texture they used on the waterfall really makes it look alive
the color texture does the trick to me
this paintings landscape texture is very unique and i love the reflection of the land in the water
the texture of the trees really made this paining stick out to me
this painting has a very unique design and landscape
i chose this picture because the way the artist uses texture to make the painting look as spectacular as it is
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