By Stephanie Kasko and Daniela Salgado

Fortitude, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Peace, Magnanimity, and the bearded figure of Good Government deal with criminals and accept the fealty of lords. I chose this because I like the way it looks
Shows Sienna as an ideal city with opened gates which is a sign that it’s calm and there's no need to close them. This is across the wall of Bad Government and the contrast is an interesting idea.
Saint Michael is slaying a dragon, while other saints watch from the wings and Madonna and her child wait above. I chose this piece because I like the way that Saint Michael draws your attention.
Shows Christ recognized as the Redeemer by the elderly prophetess Anna and by Simeon who holds the Child in his arms. I choose this because it’s a different depiction of Christ than usual.
Credits: All media
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