Destiny of art

What you find isnt a coincidence, its always destiny. Destiny takes you places further than you will ever know.

Its funny how this one is the first picture that caught my eye. To me this painting describes a group of friends enjoying their lives together doing what they love to do expressing themselves. What i found funny was that the artist is a Bahamian just like me! We both originated from The Bahamas.
I see a man looking through a reflection of death staring straight back at him. The paint gives a dark background telling me that its always your decision on what path you take. Death is always knocking on the door laughing, waiting for you to slip up.
From a point of view, the vase doesnt look see through at all. It looks rich to the point where it belongs next to Queen Elizabeth. Combining red blue and gold creates the nice rich color that it deserves. In addition, the top of the vase looks like the blue represents water covering something important.
There are people out there who have a amazing creative mind to the point where they can create this. This painting says to me that there is a guy who is trying to get a shot of love, but its difficult to find love if there is no one in front of you. So his pistol is ready and loaded to find that special one.
The woman mind is a beautiful thing. Her passion and creativity is endless. To me, the woman in the painting is dreaming on what she can create next. She is craving for something powerful as her mind expands. I guess the artist wants to show people the potential of a woman by making a huge painting.
The universe is huge and we are small, yet there is so much that we can do. We just have to make an effort on that. If we think small, then we are small. But if you think big, you expand and keep expanding to the point the universe can see you. Glass art always catches my eye cause every single one has a different story.
This man is ready for a celebration. He is showing his emotions and his excitement by painting on the wall near the festival so people can feel the same way. He is also bringing his culture to them so everyone can have a good time. I always have this feeling when i go back home to The Bahamas.
I have always love masks, they always show people what type of personality you have. To me the leopard painting means hes quick on his feet and is always hungry for power. The mask also looks like a horse so I describe it as the power and stamina it has.
This caught my eye because of my dad love for hawks and this drawing of it is beautiful. Its crazy how artist can draw in such perfection of things. If you look closely, Head is drawn with no flaws on what I see. I believe it also took some photographic memory to draw this.
This has to be one of my favorite paintings so far. A painting of Bruce lee on the streets proves to people that hes a fighting legend. His skills are over powering that no one will ever forget. Hes a role model for amazing fighters like Jackie Chan, and Jet lee. His motivation to be the best and to pass over his limits inspires everyone around the world.
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