Blue holds many mysteries.

Hanna Kline

To me, this boat shaped bowl represents sailing away and because of its blue color, it makes me think of a peaceful place to escape to.
This painting is very relaxing and peaceful. It is early in the night and the moon is glowing in the sky behind some trees. The seen makes me think of sleep or camping out in the woods.
This painting has very interesting patterns that intrigue the viewers imagination. It makes me think of the sky and all the constellations and images found in the stars and how large space is.
This is a fun patterned image I like. The colors are pleasing to the eyes and the image reminds me of cats and all the mischief they can get into because of the object flying around.
Another fun picture with cool colors. The picture seems to tell a story although I don't know what it means. Maybe life in earlier years. The vases remind me of the mayans.
The painting has two girls who appear to be gossiping or looking at something back stage before a ballet performance. It has a sense of mystery and mischief.
This painting makes me think of a great day ruined by rain because of the dreary colors and rain drops . The bike, butterfly, kite, est. are things you would not see or do if it was raining.
This is a classy restaurant with high class people attending. The atmosphere seems calm and sophisticated because of the blue hues. Blue symbolises stability and intelligence which goes with this.
This painting has a beautiful horse in blue hues to symbolize loyalty and trust. Horses are very loyal and trustworthy to their trainers so the colors complement this painting perfectly.
This painting is very calm and happy. Because of the colors it makes me think the song the girl is playing would be soft and sweet. If I was in this room it would be calm and relaxing.
This painting seems to take place at night when most of the lights are off. It makes me think of getting ready for bed right before I switch off that last light for bed.
This makes me think of motion. The wheel may be still but the black paint strokes seem to represent motion. Again, the blue colors make me think of mystery. The wheel seems to be moving fast.
This painting shows doctors operating on a patient. The blue colors make me feel a sense of mystery because I don't know if the patient will be all right. The doctor also has a mischievous look in his eyes.
It looks like there is a girl in the middle without a face. This painting seems eerie with many hidden secrets. The cool colors make it appear even darker and curious.
I chose this piece because the colors are calming and the scenery is eerie. There is a sense of mystery and suspense because of how dark the painting is and the area the painting takes place in.
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