A Comparison of the African American Civil Rights and Women's  Rights 

This historical analysis and comparison  was completed by a student of American History utilizing resources available through the Google Cultural Institute (GCI) and other internet resources. The origin of the source if not from GCI is given in respective captions and additional details are available upon request.

African Americans were not treated the same as white people were. Their main goal is to have the same equality as white people. Many public places segregated the blacks and whites.
Many African Americans lost their lives while trying to fight for freedom.
A group of nine black students had the option to move into an all white high school. The group soon got the name of "The Little Rock Nine". Out of all the student one of them was a senior ready to graduate.
Martin Luther King Jr. was shot while giving his "I Have A Dream Speech".
Goals for the women included letting women have freedom, equal opportunity to live their lives. The goals of the women were to have political, social, and economical status equal to the men. One major event was allowing women to vote.
Women today now have (mostly) the same equalness to men. We are now allowed to vote and be more involved in economic and political events. An event that helped make these goals achievable was The Women's Suffrage Act (led by Alice Paul).
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