Blue Moons - Vince Stadlbaur

My art gallery, titled "Blue Moons," is dedicated to a fascination that man has had since the beginning of time -- the marvelous, mysterious, and mystical Moon. These pieces, which are all paintings, showcase the Moon when it is most full. Also, these paintings all feature blue as one of the more prominent colors.

This art piece is titled Song Dedicated to the Moon, and is an oil on canvas painting created in 2008 by Yi, Hee Choung. The piece features highly saturated colors (mainly blue) and dark, bold lines that separate the various elements from the background. The painting's color scheme is complimentary, with the yellows contrasting the blues.
The Moon and Crows, an oil on paper painting created by Lee Jung-seob between 1916 and 1956, shows crows sitting on electrical wires in front of a full moon during the night. The yellow color of the moon compliments the blue sky, with the black lines and crows standing out against the background.
This oil on canvas painting is called Blue Moon and was painted by Lucia Hartini in 1988. The emphasis is on the beautiful full moon in the background, caused by the bold and contrasting yellow color that surrounds the moon. There is a sense of rhythm and movement in the painting due to the use of repeated colors brush strokes.
Immersed in the Moon is an oil on canvas painting that was created by Somphong Adulyasarapan in 2011. The painting shows a woman, half human and half owl surrounded by other owls sitting by a green lake that is illuminated by the full moon. The colors used in the painting, specifically the blue sky and the green lake, give it a dreamy atmosphere.
Under Moonlight is an oil on canvas painting created by Yi, Hee Choung in 2010. The piece depicts two birds flying to a tree with white flowers under the moonlight. If you look closely, the texture of the painting is gritty and looks almost like a mosaic. The white of the flowers and the yellow of the moon contrasts well against the deep blue background.
This painting is titled In The Mountains and was also created by Yi, Hee Choung in 2010. It is an oil on canvas painting. The piece shows different landscapes, all under the full moon. Smooth, black lines separate the different landscapes, and each area features a unique, vibrant and highly saturated color.
Butterfly's Dream is another oil on canvas painted created by Yi, Hee Choung in 2011. The painting shows a group of butterflies traveling through the night sky, illuminated by the full moon. The Japanese style is apparent in the piece from the style of the trees and flowers. Proportion is used to separate the butterflies from the moon in the distance.
This painting is titled Honeymoon and is an oil on canvas painting, created by Yi, Hee Choung in 2009. The painting shows two birds flying away from the distant full moon. Space and color are used to put emphasis on the brightly glowing moon. The moon is positioned towards the center of the painting, which draws in the viewer's eye. The moon is also a bright yellow, which contrasts well with the dark blues and greens.
Blue Night 2005 is another oil on canvas painting created by Yi, Hee Choung in 2005. The piece shows a calm and quiet field illuminated by the moonlight. Space and proportion are used in this painting. There is a great amount of space in the bottom left of the piece, which makes the field seem large and open. Also, the trees in the background are drawn smaller, which helps the space seem larger than it is.
"Landscape from Stenbjerg with moon" is an oil on wood painting created by P.S. Kroyer in 1889, and shows a desolate path that leads to mountains, with a full moon in the background. The open space of the sky makes the scene feel large and wide open. The brush strokes of the piece are loose and rough. The painting is mostly blue, with the moon and grass being the only things that are a different color.
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