Reality on Canvas

This piece is included into the gallery because it look photographic. The textures are expressed so realistically that it appears you are looking at a photograph.
Each fabric on the painting is so realistically detailed that you can feel the lace, the satin, and the patterned red fabric over Charlotte's chair. Even the background is textured so accurately that it looks photographic.
There is a fabulously textured dress in this picture. The texture is so realistic that even the wrinkles are painted in. The intricate lace on both the man and woman's wardrobes is perfect. Each outfit looks as though you could pull them off the canvas and wear it.
This particular painting shows the textures of organic objects with incredible accuracy. If you look close, you can see the fibers of the petals and other parts of the flowers as well as the grains in the woods.
This painting also realistically portrays the satin wardrobe and drape. The detail doesn't stop with just the fabrics, however. The detail on the chair is the is beautifully textured.
This painting has good texture that is most impressive on the orange peels and the dried grapes. The most impressive texture however is on the cut open orange where you can see the fiber strings.
There is an incredible amount of content in this painting, all of which are very detailed. The best texture on this painting is on the picture frames. There's an amazing amount of detail in the carved frames which easily earns the painting a place in this gallery.
The feathers on this painting look soft and smooth. If you look closely, you can see the individual cracks in the bark on the tree and the folded pieces of that fungus on the top branch. 
There is an overwhelming amount of texture in this painting. The fabrics and the back wall. The intricate patterns and lace that cover the patterned fabrics is so detailed that the eye can't drink it in in one glance. This painting has possibly the best realistic texture in the entire gallery.
Once again the texture painted on the fabrics is incredibly lifelike. This includes the patterned fabric behind Saint Catherine.
This painting is one of the few in this gallery that isn't full of textured fabrics. The fibers in the cut meat are visible as are the holes in the cheese and the bread. This painting appears like it's dinner time on the wall.
While this painting is of textured fabric, the details are so small and intricate that they earned it a place in the gallery. The lace, embroidered fabric, and neck puff are very detailed and smooth and it appears like you could touch them.
This picture is different from the rest in this gallery. It wasn't done with oil pastels, clearly, but it still appears that it is real. The pen work is neat, there is good shading, and overall the object looks real. Because of the difficulty it would take to make a realistic object from pen work, this piece has earned its place in the gallery.
The most remarkable texture is placed on the gold vase in the painting, however this painting exhibits marvelous texture on metals, fabrics, and wood. Because of the detail and variety, this painting is worthy to be in the gallery. 
This painting also exhibits texture on a variety of objects, one of which is the bread crust. That crust looks so detailed it looks like you could cut into the bread for lunch. The glass in the painting looks flawlessly smooth, the grains in the wood are realistically detailed, and the light shining off the fruits and such in the basket reveals their individual strands and everything else. This painting is worthy of being in the gallery.