Life Of Dark COlors

The Colors You Will Be Seeing Are Different Types of Painting That has Dark colors throughout the pictures, so come along the journey of the life of dark and edge master pieces! Also you will find different types of graffiti painting that are most definitely creative and unique.


- Dark Colors



In this picture you see that it's a beautiful flower with a lot of different colors , but the main background in this image is black. That gives the picture a contrast to make it look dark.
This image is beautiful , it's a bunch of art work spread throughout a wall that has numerous of colors. Mixture of dark and light colors to make it look like a graffiti background.
Graffiti background with hints of dark colors throughout the image . It also have different images upon the background it looks like a young girl with long blonde hair when other little images to contrast in the image.
This picture is really interesting to me I love the dollar sign because for one I love money and this image is really basic and dark anti gives it a edge look.
Image is a glass of water , very simple it makes me want to drink some. But its going under the different modern edge look .
I love this image because for one it's dark and its a beautiful flower that looks edge and interesting to me that also have a modern look that is so beautiful.
This image is to cute to me , because the little kid is drawing on this beautiful graffiti background that has numerous of colors but also has that dark edge look.
It's something about the dark and edge graffiti backgrounds that draws my attention, and the different colors through out the background to make it unique .
I love the background on this image it gives it dark edge look with the street to reflect from the painting in the background that is beautiful.
I call this image pink print and black print , this painting is so cool to me because of the edge look but has a graffiti background with only two colors .
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