The True Beauty of God's Creation - Trinidy Williams

This gallery will include the beautiful scenery of sunsets, landscapes and the wonderful outside nature that God has created for us to live on and embrace in its natural beauty. This gallery will present to you the ends and outs of the worlds greatest master pieces, all by the earths natural making.

In this photograph is the entrance of Guanabara Bay, seen from the Fortress of Santa Cruz, Niter, RJ. Brazil. In this picture three people are on shore watching the waves crashing against the rocks and the tide.
This photograph is of the Itapuca Rock in Niter, RJ. Brazil. This picture shows a girl sitting on the rock soaking in the the sun and enjoying the landscape around her. This photo credit goes to Ferrez, Marc.
Araucárias, Paraná is the name of this beautiful wilderness forest. This photograph is also made by Ferrez, Marc and represents the calm nature of all the trees. This forest gives people the chance to walk the trails and see the amazing facts and looks that the outside has to offer.
This photograph was taken in 1964 by Bodanzky, Jorge, The name of this masterpiece is Brasília. Brasília was very well known in the 1970's and the 1980's and shows a lot of cultural environment. This picture really shows the an outlook on the beautiful nature Brazil has to offer.
This sculpture in the mountains of Salvador, BA. Brazil is called Women on the rocks by Bisilliat, Maureen. This sculpture in the mountains is a very unique way to show off the great sunrises over the mountains, but not many people know about. This sculpture really shows the texture and the lines in this architectural work.
Overlooking this beautiful view of the Guanabara Bay is a little town in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil. This photograph shows the respect and the natural habitat that this little town gets to admire and take care of everyday.
This mountain is a holy place otherwise known as the Mountain of the Holy Cross. This photograph was taken by William Henry Jackson in 1873. This mountain really shows the description of the outline the way the lines are detailed and also how they slope downwards. It also shows that the mountain is in high elevation above the clouds because of the snow on the mountain.
This photograph shows an Orange Hut under Steep Mountain, which is located in Iceland. This beautiful capture of this mountain was taken by Jose Maria Mellado in 2010. This mountain has a very unique style to it, the way it slopes down and comes up like a hill is very unusual for a mountain to do that. All it shows is the very unique and beautiful way nature is created on this world.
This photograph shows Mount Egmont in the background landscaping over a field with trees and hay. This photo really shows the texture and the overlook of everything in the fields. The way the trees are tilted and blowing also gives a look like there is some kind of storm coming. This photo credit also belongs to George Chance in the circa time period.
This photo shows four Civil War soldiers sitting in front of the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. This photo was taken by an American in the Civil War in 1865. You can find this photograph in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This photo of the Niagara Falls shows how much the Falls have really upgraded over the past years and how much nature has shifted itself to different forms over the many years.
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