What in the harmony on land and water and nature

By Kylie Latham 

My first artwork I show you shows both the nature on land and water and its nature as you can tell.
How I chose this artwork was because blossoms is impart of nature and goes along with the gallery. But good for a second artwork of the gallery.
This artwork hear is one of my favorites of this gallery because I really love the color of this artwork and it shows nature on land.
This artwork hear in the bloom of the day shows a study of sunlight which also impart of nature and shows nature on land as well.
I chose this artwork for the same reason of the other artwork on the left but the exact reason was this painting showed nature on land.
This artwork shows nature on land and water in just red color which I think is creative and it goes along with the gallery.
This painting goes along with every reason of a artwork I show you and it also shows all nature on land which is really cool.
This painting shows the harmony in nature in the water which is salt water fish and also part of nature.
This artwork that I chose shows the harmony in nature in the old life and study`s the old age according to the title of this artwork.
This painting also shows harmony in the nature of the water as well which I think really goes well with the gallery.
This is my last picture I would explain to you and why I chose this as my finale painting to show because it as a good theme to it and I liked the colors of the painting and shows the last of nature in the water in artwork and that raps it up.
Credits: All media
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