a walk in my shoes                   by Shanelle Cordell

This showcase points out the importance of a shoe. We are not our shoes, our shoes are us. As you look at these shoes form different times and countries think of what you might know about the person that wears the shoe. Men's or women's shoes, they have personalities without a foot in them. We all just need them to complete us.

This is a beautiful red velvet mid high heel from 1737. It is embedded with a design on the front.
This is a 1937 painting of a velvet shoe. Black and brownish red velvet and lace on the side.
This narrow, point toe, mid heel shoe is made for stability. the heel is stuffed with a durable material then wrapped in goat skin.
This Austrian golden shoe is made from gilt leather. It has a touch of sequence right across the front and one little button on the strap.
This leather shoe seams like a boot slipper, covering the ankle. dark brown leather with gold embedding of flowers and leaves.
These beautiful golden slippers are worn on special occasions such as weddings.They are red and blue in the inside with a golden symbol.
This 1938 shoe is made out of birch bark. It is weaved similar to a basket. This shoe is popular to people who might live in the wild.
The traditional Yi shoe is made purposely curled in the front to held avoid tripping or falling. making them perfect for weddings. They are embedded with lots of bright colors.
This Child shoe looks to be made from cloth although it is a painting. the simple pearl color and flower design lets off a bit of elegance.
These shoes from India, Japan, Turkey, etc help found the British museum. Showing the difference between shoes from different cultures from 1660-1753.
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