Renaissance Art

Alex Hansen and Sydney Parker

During the Renaissance people were just learning to study anatomy. This sketch shows understanding of how the arm and shoulder moves.
This piece is modeled after the nativity scene with the three kings. It shows much more detail than early middle ages paintings of this scene, showing flowing cloth and shadows.
The Renaissance is when people first started painting portraits. This is a portrait of Pope Leo X, an important religious leader.
In the Renaissance era people first took interest in painting portraits. This is a portrait of a young Cardinal.
This is a classic example of Renaissance art. It is in great detail, and shows shadow and light, and three dimensions. Leonardo was inspired to draw the faces by looking at people on the street.
This is a very detailed carving of a woman and children. The clothing, skin, and hair are all in great detail.
This picture is also greatly detailed. You can see that the knight on the horse saved the lady from the dragon.
This painting shows people having a lively garden party. It's very detailed, with lots to see. It is very colorful and vibrant, with lots of shadows and light.
This sketch is showing the anatomy and how the arm works. It was drawn as practice for fresco, and it shows that realism was important to them.
This image shows a very realistic face, with many strands of hair. The eyes are very detailed and realistic as well.
Credits: All media
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