Art reminiscent of places I have traveled to and loved

The first time I visited the Piazza San Marco was during the Venice Carnivale - the gorgeous gowns and masks; the eye masks; the confetti and bonbons.
Evocative of one of my favorite views of the Grand canal from the Ponte dell'Accademia
I love this one for the clean lines, the color and the life it depicts. Evocative of my favorite memories of Rome - including the modern day Vespas, crowds and gelato
Brings back memories of Palantine Hill and the Colloseum - the Rome I had always dreamed about and finally was fortunate enough to see
Florence for me was all about bridges. And sunsets. And poetry
I will never forget the bells ringing over the city as I looked out on the beautiful cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore
England for me is always the England of the Regency between 1811 and 1820. Georgette Heyer brought to life the balls, the theatre, the sights and sounds, and life of old London
New York is modern. Light, noise, freedom bordering on easy madness. When I think of New York, I think of speed, ruthlessness, money, the Great Gatsby, yellow cabs
Moscow for me is grey and stuck in a time warp but St Basil's cathedral is that bright ray of sunshine, a joy to behold and worthy of the most passionate admiration
The bells. Everywhere. The churches. Holy. The power. Tangible
The richness of Russian imperialism. The toughness of modern Russia. The raw pride and surliness. You can't love them and yet you do
The icons took my breath away. Each and every time. They exude power. They command respect