The color red use as linear or geometric

The color red use as linear or geometric in the paint.

Although there's only little piece of red in this picture, i think that little pice of red have make this painting more abundant, without ruining the tone of the painting. 
The huge curly red in the background can be view as line. The tone of this painting is warm, because it is paint of the color red yellow and orange. The man in the front is in color blue, which is the complementary color of the back ground orange and making this man more stand out from the background.
This is also using method of complementary color. The subject pyramid is in blue so the background is in orange. However it will be too monotone if the background is all in orange, so the analogous colors are also used, which are red and yellow. 
This picture is rather more abstract. It looks like there're mountains and a moon on the sky. Even though color red is in this picture, this picture somehow doesn't let me feel enthusiastic nor passion, but calm. I think that's because beside red and orange, the ground is green and one of the layer of mountain is black, therefore it kind of balance the warmth.
I chose this picture because there's a giant piece of red on the right hand side. It is abstract so i don't really know what it is, but i'm guessing it should be a character, either human in coat of cat. 
This is also abstract. I like abstract pictures. There're human's hand and feet, however the whole human parts look like a building itself, the red stairs is like the highlight of the picture it attract people's attention almost immediately.
I chose this picture because it is creepy. the crown is smiling like he did something weird. His red lips attracts people's attention. Also this is a one point perspective picture, we can see the depth of the room he's in. 
This is another abstract painting, i don't understand what message the artist want to deliver. However i still think this is pretty. As art is an art as long as you think it looks good. 
I like this picture because it's in order, but if you look carefully all the word written on every square is different. The picture looks like a lot of black boards, and remind me of my high school life.
This is also abstract. it contains lots of geometric and linear shapes. The background is black which make the picture in front stand out. 
I think this is beautiful. The picture looks like a sun, but it also looks like an eye. The red in the middle make the whole picture looks more enthusiastic and warm. 
This look like what we saw in science via microscope. It's like stem cell. All shapes are make of small lines. This is more like modern art which i think it looks good.
This is like a human hand. I like how the background is painted red. It matches the hand so well. The finger part however also look like tree and the texture on the palm look like the root underground. 
I like the texture on the crocodile. The totem is pretty, and looks like the totem by Indians. 
Modern art. The picture consist yellow red and orange, which make the whole picture looks warm, and make people happy
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