Art Elements

Space. The piece uses space because the sky is all negative space. There is nothing inside of the sky besides color, so it would be negative space.
Line. this piece uses line because of the green grass inside of the piece is made of lines and it looks like the lilies are made up of lines made of paint, as well.
Shape. This piece uses shape because of all the little shapes around the mountains. The mountains are also triangles, so that incorporates shape, too.
Color. This piece uses color because their are many different shades (hue) of blue and it really pops out at you. You are just directly drawn to that piece.
Texture. This work of art uses texture because it looks like you can feel it straight through the computer. Just by looking at the painting I can tell that it will be rough and maybe even bumpy.
Value. This piece of art uses value because you can tell that some people are painted darker than others to add the effect that the sun is on some people and others not. This gives an awesome effect because it looks like some are in the sun!
Form. This piece shows form because the design of the buildings is so intricate. You can definitely tell how tall and the shape of the buildings, thanks to form.
Credits: All media
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