what happened during the 1905 Russian revolution?

by Alonso Salguero

Russia got into a war with Japan because tsar Nicolas II wanted to secure access to the warm water port, also because he thought a war could be a good idea to show that he could be a good leader.
The war was a complete failure to the Russians, they were terribly defeated and humiliated, specially because the Russians were so sure that they would win the war easily.
The defeat would only be the beginning of what would have become a revolution. This led to the bloody sunday, that only meant many more deaths. The bloody sunday was only the "spark" of the revolution
the bloody sunday only confirmed the tsar's incompetence and made people sure that they didn't wanted him as their tsar. This and some other events like the war started the Russian revolution of 1905.
problem: the tsar needed the middle class and all the people who payed the most money so, if they revelled against him he would have been ruinedand they would killed him. solution: the tsar left the winter palace with his family.
by the end of the revolution the imperial Government won, Revolutionaries defeated, Nicholas II kept the throne.
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