Native American ART

Created by Ms. Doughty

What are the men riding? Why are they laying on the animal?
What tribe is painted here? How do you know?
This was a medal between Thomas Jefferson and the indians. Why do you think it was called the Peace and Friendship Medal?
Why do you think the Native Americans later used horses?
This painting is called Indian Sighting Buffalo. What did the Lakotas use the buffalo for?
Who is the woman in the middle?
Zoom in on the painting. What do you notice?
Who did this doll belong to? What tribe was she in?
What do you find interesting about the Lakota teepees?
What are the Native Americans doing in this picture? Why are they dancing?
This painting is of The Six, Chief of the Plains. Why did the chiefs wear paint? What was it made from?
How did historians find this art? This was a pot from the Southwest.
This was Pueblo scoop. What could it have been used for?
What do you think is happening in this picture? Are they playing? Are they fighting?
What did the Pueblo indians make their pueblos out of? What else did they use?
Why did the Lakotas wear headdresses? What was it made out of?
This was Pueblo storage jar? What did they store in it?
What are kachina dolls? What do they represent? What the video to see Indians dressed up as Kachina dolls dancing
Why did the Lakota women wear long, heavy dresses? What was it made out of?