The Use of Line

The uses of perspective in art.

The Artist uses perspective to give the painting a lot of depth. And re enforce the fact that certain objects are in front others.
The use of Perspective is really defined in this piece by the artists use of shadows, to put certain things in front of others. 
This piece increases the size of certain objects in the foreground bigger than the objects in the back. 
By using two point perspective, the artist is able to really make the house pop out from the background.
The one point perspective in this piece in this piece gives the room a really deep feeling.
Even though the road curves, and one point perspective continues further and into the picture.
There are so many things going on in this picture but they all give the room a lot of depth.
The amount of varying sizes in this piece, form the folk up front, to the ones in the back make me feel as though I am able to follow this scenery for miles.
The main structure is has many different points where the perspective of the tower shows you how the structure was actually built, with its different layers
In this piece the family on the sled is much bigger than the town in the pact, showing great perspective.
The crowd in the center of the street shrink in size the further they go further back.
Even though this piece doesn't have a lot of value, the line work shows the artist had a mastery of perspective.
The house in the back has a lot of people in it, but it shows great perspective by having people on the porch, but also set back further into the house.
The river that goes through the center of the scene leads off to the pieces vanishing point, giving the building a reference for perspective.
The three point perspective gives you the feeling of towering over the city in the winter.