This gallery sums up what war is and how cruel in is.

This is suitable for my gallery because it about world war 2. It makes you stop and think about how lucky we are because they risked their lives for us.
I included this in my gallery because it shows that innocent people get caught up in war.
This is a suitable picture for my gallery because from war comes great sacrifice.
War is cruel because people have to do the risky jobs while other people are away at war. It shows courage.
It makes you think of how scary war is.
Some people think war is great because they have power over people... WRONG
This of a soldier tells me how young they are and how much they had to lug around.
This picture sends a tickle up my spine because the people trying to save other people are the ones getting hurt.
War never goes away. Even if it stops there will always be remains.
People risk lives for freedom of their country and in whatever weather conditions.
With courage comes rewards like this general has come ** from the ranks using his courage.
Although the English were fighting them it's another dead body, another sorry face, another sacrifice.
Why are people so cruel...they will harm kids for power?
It was always going to happen...
How can you see that and not feel sorry for them?
I think the bugle is one of the most significant signs of respect in war history.
Roads would be deserted in contry towns except for army trucks because of war.
This is a painting of a line for food because of the rationing in the war. This evident in world war 2.
One cruel way to kill people in wars were to gas them. This is the aftermath.
D-Day was a big turning point in WW2
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