This gallery represents the art of movement in paintings and how it is clearly visible, and gives great character and a better understanding of the painting. 

The emphasis on this portrait is very clear as to what is going on. The movement of the painting from the background ship to the spearing of the shark is shark is well balanced and not to heavy on the eye in terms of the color. The light reflecting off the water seems to coincide perfectly with the glare of the sky
This kind of gives you a image of what happened before this point. As the horse is still in glide, the movement lets you know that its been a struggle. The artist used many lines from the trees, the sword, to the spear in which he is killing the beast. The painting is mainly focused on the soldier killing its prey. The color scheme is well balanced and not to over the top.
If you stare at this painting long enough, you will feel as if you are moving along with two guys in the canoe. The main concern is the guys rowing and the movements of their arms. This would be more of a repetitive work of all for the simple fact that the row is going to continue over, and over, and over again. I actually feel a rhythm to this because their going to have to be in stride, on a constant groove to get to the finish line.
The first thing I notice about this painting is the color. Reminds me of a gloomy, dusty day in the wild wild west, but it the horses that are trying to survive. I feel as if most of the lines in this portrait are mostly vertical and curved. It obvious where the emphasis has been focused at in this painting and the balance is very good because of the color scheme the artist chose to use.
The bear on its hind legs, leaning towards a person is usually a sign of movement. If that is not enough how about the sword pointed down on the back of the bear and the raising up of the horses? The balance of this portrait is fabulous because of how your eyes just stroll freely throughout the picture without anything in particular stopping your flow. The way the sky blends with the ground holds everything together.
Many different lines, curves, and shapes were used in this portrait. Simple as it may seem, it is very complex. This portrait does not real blend well together and it does not really have a balance at all. Very repetitive piece of work for the steps seem as they would be the same, which would give it a nice rhythm also.
Speaking of the wild wild west days. I love how the bright sky lights up the grown to a very light but pleasant on the eye color, which makes everything else blend perfectly. Good job on the emphasis and it keeps your mind and eyes focused there like "What really happened", and thats what a good painting does. Line patterns everywhere in multiple ways. The painting is not repetitive and its well put together and proportioned.
This picture is a good example of variety. The artist gives you many things to look at, but not to many to where you can't focus on them all. Its a town so everyone is moving in their own direction, and there is no particular rhythm because everyone is marching to their own beat. It's a well balanced painting because it is not to loaded down on either side with excessive junk. A sense of unity is felt as my eyes stroll over the portrait.
You can't possibly just look at one thing on this portrait. The artist gives a good variety of things to keep your mind active. You have to keep your eyes moving along the many different lines and angles that he has given us. The coloring reminds me of those times and the artist kept it well balanced to where one or two colors would not dominate the whole portrait.
Now this is my favorite portrait. It clears shows a multitude of line patterns from curve, straight, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. The artist keep the coloring very light with colors that complimented the ladies skin tones, which in return balanced out the rest of the portrait. The rhythm has my head bobbing right now as I can feel them grooving, and having a good time. Not to much variety but that is to keep your eyes focused on what the emphasis really is, which is the young women dancing and having a ball.
Credits: All media
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