Luis saavedra: The glorification of war over time across different cultures

This gallery combines artworks that portray war in a glorious way across different cultures over time, starting with ancient Egyptians and ending with World War II US propaganda.

In this relief found inside a temple, we can see the depiction of a man holding arms. Above him, we see a bird, possibly Horus, God of war and sun, effectively associating the soldier with the Holy.
In this krater we see a soldier attacking with his spear. Athena, Goddess of war, seems to guide him. Notice the beautiful decoration above it and in the handles.
In this temple we find Athena again, the Goddess of war. Aided with the vertical columns that give it a sense of awe, Greeks came here to carry out their rituals further glorifying war.
In this statuette we can find Alexander the Great being portrayed as a majestic figure. His right hand in his hip give him a sense of confidence as he raises his left, possibly wielding a spear.
In this artwork we see a central figure displacing all others in the image, depicting him as invincible as he crushes his smaller enemies with his mace.
In another war scene, a victorious Napoleon takes center stage as battles rages on in the background. Napoleon salutes his troops.
Titled the champion, a white man seemingly coming back from battle is graced by a woman. A religious figure looks from behind, perhaps sealing the Christian authority over this scene.
The caption and the pose of the figure as well as the airplanes flying over in this poster seems to make war appealing to the individual.
Credits: All media
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