4th Amendment

Search and Arrest

The artwork Girl with roses,shows the reason for the 4th amendment because it shows a girl having one rose tightly in her hand, close to herself and one rose on her lap, this shows how the rose was searched, picked, killed for her own purpose and not a probably cause.
The artwork Monkey and baby reaching for reflection of the moon represents my article because it shows how the mother and her baby work together to reach the reflection of the moon and how they rely on each other. This shows how in my article the police and the simmons family have to work together/ relies on each other to solve the case.
In The Genius of Mechanical Flying, there is a man in the top right corner “flying” and therefore being able to see everything. This represents my article because even though the police have a warrant to search property, the people living there didn’t know (or like) that the warrant would allow drones.
In Kamtschatka Rose, it shows how roses have thorns on them to protect them from being easily picked or brushed through.. This represents how the 4th amendment protects us from being easily searched for no reason or without a warrant. Just like you need gloves/tools to pick roses. No one would brush through/pick roses just because they feel like it because they might get hurt.
The artwork Man’s Gloves shows how you need gloves to pick roses because there are thorns that protect the roses. So if you don’t use gloves can easily get hurt.. This represents how you need a warrant in order to search someone’s how. It’s like the key to searching someone's house. You need it. or else you are going against the law (constitution:4th amendment).
In Reaching For The Light, the person is trying to get the light, but since he has nothing to grab it with, he can’t get it. The painting is an example of how the 4th Amendment works. If the police don’t have a warrant, they can’t get into your house.
In Aquarium, the shark is taken from its home so people can look at the shark in captivity. This is therefore the 4th Amendment to an extreme because even though the people that took the shark out of the aquarium wanted to protect the shark, they put it in a see-through tank to be used as entertainment, which infringes on the shark’s privacy.
In Rembrandt's Red Bedroom, there is a bedroom full of butterflies flitting around everywhere. This is an example of the 4th Amendment can easily turn bad. Even if the police had a warrant, it doesn't mean they can tear your house apart and cause havoc, like the butterflies.
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