Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue (Cathleen Nance)

This gallery represents paintings of brightly colored and realistic flowers such as you would see in every day life.

This painting is of a variety of flowers arranged in what appears to be a metal flowerpot. In this piece we have quite a bit of shape, the roundness of the metal flowerpot, which is geometric shape. And then we have the flowers and leaves themselves, which is organic shape. The shape in this piece helps to define it, but color also helps in defining this vibrant piece. The colors are bright and airy and the color harmonies used to get the bright and airy feel are analogous and complimentary. There are some colors that are similar however, there are also colors that are opposite on the color wheel. This helps to create the vibrant contrast seen here.
This painting is of a flowerpot full of bright and colorful flowers, with a dark background. In this piece the artist has used contrast to make the flowers pop! By using a dark background and even darker flowerpot the flowers come alive. The color harmony used in this painting is analogous. Using this scheme and the amount of contrast used has given this piece a bright, relaxing, and pleasing feel.
Painting of realistic flowers in rust colored vase. The artist utilized color and value to bring these flowers to life. The artist has used value to show where natural light would be hitting these flowers and the surface they are on plus the wall behind them. The shadowed areas are where dark values can be seen. The color scheme in this painting is very pleasing and in examining this piece I have determined the color scheme to be square. I believe using light and dark value plus the color scheme give this painting a realistic look.
Painting of a vase of flowers surrounded by fruit on a table. The color scheme used on the flowers in this painting is analogous. These colors are very similar, which is why it was important to use contrast to make these flowers seem real. The artist used a lot of contrast to accomplish just that.
This is another painting done of a pot of flowers with fruit surrounding them. Although at first glance this painting seems a little on the dull side color wise if you look at the flowers they are bright. The flowers in this painting are much brighter than the fruit, which makes them the focal point of this piece. The color scheme used to make these flowers stand out is analogous.
Colorful, realistic flowers surround this painting of the Madonna and child. Not only was color used in this painting so was light and dark value. The color scheme used to create such a beautiful painting was complimentary, which has given it such a bright look. Value also played a big part in bringing the flowers alive in this painting. The light value focuses on the flowers and the Madonna and child, while the dark value is seen all around the flowers and the Madonna and child.
Big brightly colored flowers in what appears to be an Asian vase. The color scheme in this painting is tetradic, there are a couple of complimentary colors seen here. the artist also used value and contrast to create such bright and colorful flowers. The darkness of the background really helps to show case these flowers.
Big bright colored flowers in a beautiful vase. The color scheme used in this painting is split complimentary. The use of light value has also helped to create a peaceful and bright painting. The flowers are bright and big they really stand out against the light background. However, the leaves in this painting almost over power. Organic shape was very important to this artist to show these flowers.
Flowers in a pot set on a pink cloth. Although the flowers in this painting are not very realistic I love the color. It is very bright and vibrant. You can tell that in this painting oil paint was used, which makes the flowers look less realistic. I love the color used in the flowers, the bright red, yellows, and greens really make this painting pop.
A still life painting of a pitcher full of flowers and fruit next to them. This is a fun and bright painting. Light and dark value were used here as was analogous color scheme. This is what helps to create such a brightly colored painting. The semi darkness behind the flowers helps to make the flowers and fruit the focal point of this piece. This painting is so colorful and fun.
Credits: All media
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