Svens Gallery

Strikingly realistic and rare portrait of a young boy considering the age of the work. Odd skin color. The face is executed to a different level of realism than the cloths.
Very elegant portrait in finest period costume beautifully executed.
A large and renowned painting. The placement and pose of the individuals surrounding the officers creates a sense of movement and fluidity to the scene.
Proper church during the heydey of christianity.
A more engaging example of one of Vermeers works as the gaze of the girl is towards the viewer.
It's the dress.
It's the floor in the foreground that makes this work.
The girls demeanor, hair and arms is uncanny.
Use of color is amazing. Adds to the exotic aura.
I can feel the cool breeze in this painting.
The girls arms and gaze makes this portrait realistic beyond the impressionistic style.
Oddly choppy water but a nice warm and friendly summer scene.
A pleasant enough and unpretentious still life. Executed by a master of course.
The warm wet sand at low tide is exquisitely rendered for this eager beach group.
Awesome use of color and cubism without being too harsh. Appears modern despite its age.