Life During the Great Depression

The Dust Bowl was an agurcultural, economic, and social disater that took place during the 1930s on the Great Plains. Poor farming practices, drought, and high winds created useless farmland. Thousands of families had to move west to escape dust storms and to find jobs.

This is a picture of people handing out bread in breadlines. A way that this is affected by the great depression is it shows that the poor couldn't pay for the food so they had to go out and beg for food.
This is a picture of a woman giving out soup to the people who can't afford it. This is another reason for how people had to give out food to the people who couldn't afford it. The poor would go to soup kitchens and get food so they could survive.
Hoboes were people without a job or home who lived on the streets. They were also people who would beg for money and often ate in soup kitchens. They walked around most of the time looking for jobs to support their family.
The Migrant Mother was a picture taken the great depression to show what a mother had to go through while the father was out looking for a job. This changed the great depression's p.o.v. on the subject not being so bad.
Hoover is shaking hands with some man. Hoover was the president at the time of the great depression. Many think he was the one who caused it.
Mr. Roosevelt was the candidate running for president. He was said the have been the one to bring America out of the great depression.
John Steinbeck was was an author. He wrote 27 books during the great depression.
A young girl during the great depression. Dorothea Lange took picture of people during the great depression to show that it was a real problem and to change peoples minds on the subject.
This woman is taking in that she was just fired. During the great depression it wasn't uncommon to just be fired. The Workers Progress Administration was one of the administrations to try and people people start working again.
Soldiers standing to await orders. The Civilian Conservation Corps was a public work relief program to help unmarried men find jobs.
A picture on the Tennessee boarder.
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