Shape in visual art

This piece is a good representation of positive and negative shapes. The woman in the painting is the positive shape in this painting and the skies and the trees behind her are the negative shapes.
This piece is a good representation of rectilinear shape because of all the straight lines.
This piece is a good representation of curvilinear shapes because of the way Van Gogh drew the sky, hills, and houses.
This piece is a good representation of geometric shapes. Some examples of it being geometric are the patterns all have really crisp edges and is mostly made up of crystals-lines structures.
This piece is an organic piece. It's organic because an organic piece is anything to do with nature. People,plants,animals,ect. In this painting there is a woman, therefore, it is an organic piece.
This piece is a good example of non-objectives shapes because it is made up of circles,triangles and rectangles.
This piece is an example of representational shapes. It's a representational piece because it is based on a picture of somebody.
This piece is an example of abstract. It has features of the thing it's supposed to be but it's a little deformed but you still get the idea of what the original object is.
This is a good example of a high definition piece because high definition means that the lines are crisp and you can trace over it. The lines that make up the flower are thick and straight forward.
This is an example of a low definition piece because the shape of the flower aren't as easy to read.
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