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English Class

“Modesty, the personality person have to have basicly in their mind. I can feel modesty from her face. I think the modesty(humility) is most important personality. When we succeed or do something good, we have to be modesty. Modesty makes people more honorable. Do not show off yourself. The boughs that bear most hang lowest. BE MODESTY AND HUMILITY.
This mask looks very greedy. Generally, people have greed in their mind. Greed is endless and almost time, greed leads us to fail and destruction or in serious situation. So I want to ,even have to, dispel greed which is in my mind. In korea, there’s famous phrase, “Men’s greed is endless, and they repeat the same mistakes. Don’t be greedy.
In this picture, they are in harmony each other even though, they looks tired. They are accommodating each other. I am sometimes a little strict. Because of strict persnality, I am usually seemed as a cold person. So like this picture, I want to have open-minded so that can be haromny with people.
Insightful. The personality probably ability which I want to have(get) mostly. Here’s very famous words from sherlock Holmes, "Watson, you see, but you do not observe.” I also just see do not observe. By observing the things which exist around us, we can get more information which help us.
The baby depends on his parents like us. Baby can, have to depend their parents. But we are not. We are growing more and more, and soon we will become an adult. We have to be independent. We have to live with our own power and will. We can't lean to our parents anymore.
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