Texture on realistic paintings.

These paintings were selected because of the feeling of texture that they represent.

In this painting you can feel the soft texture of the rabbit's fur. Is very fluffy, hairy and fuzzy.
In this painting you can see the texture of many objects. For example the fluffy scarf, the soft texture of the cloth and the rustic texture of the tablecloth.
With this painting you see how realistic the roses look. They are very soft and the leaves are dry. You can even find some insect that have very unique textures.
In this painting you can see different types of texture, as the shining armor, the texture of his hair and the different types of fauna surrounding him.
Here you can appreciate all the details in the cloth of this mother and child painting. You can also see the texture on the ribbon on the kids hand and the deer fur.
This painting does not have as much details on the brushstroke as the other paintings, but you can still feel the different textures as the smooth door, the wood on his palette or the chair he is siting on.
Here you can appreciate the texture of the woman dress, the details on the window and the smooth skin of the baby.
I choose this painting because there are many types of texture. You have the smooth and very thin hair of the man, the fabric of the woman hat, the thread that she is using and some other details in the painting.
In this picture you can see the smooth texture of the man skin, the dog's coat, and the wood of the instrument.
Here you can see texture on the mans cloth, ring, hair and skin.
This painting also docent have as much details on the brushstroke, but you can clearly see the texture on the dog's fur, the girl's dress, her skin and hair.
I like this painting because his cloth have different types of texture. He have different types of medals and threads hanging on his chest.
If you look closely you can see many different types of texture on this painting. For example the flowers on the woman hair, the horse's smooth hair and the texture of their cloth and hair.
This painting is focused on the three woman in the front, and they have a lot of details on their body making you see the texture of each woman bodies, hair and faces.
This painting have a lot of details, making it easy to see and understand the different textures on hair dress, hair, and flowers.
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