Visual arts portfolio

By Thomas Morrison

The Genie of Victory is a sculpture from the Italian Renaissance. It is a full round stone carving. The top looks bronze, and as you get closer to the base it looks weathered. Standing on giants comes to mind with this piece.
The Sistine Madonna is another Italian Renaissance piece. It is an oil painting on canvas. Raphael shows visual movement by painting Madonna walking toward the audience. The linear perspective aids in the movement in the painting. Looking closely at the higher clouds reveals they are actually angles watching Madonna leave with Christ.
The Lincoln Memorial is Capitol Art, and art I would love to see. Lincoln is larger than life in this sculpture. It appears to be a marble stone full round sculpture. Lincoln and the chair are white. Above Lincoln's head is a powerful memorial quote.
Independence Hall is a painting I would like to see in person. The painting is oil on canvas, and shows depth from the liner perspective. The artist uses multiple colors to show the clothes and landscape of Philadelphia in the late 1800's.
The Eiffel Tower is architecture that I would like to see. The full structure is 300 meters tall, and made of iron. What interests me is how the four legs are far enough apart to provide stability even in heavy winds.
Credits: All media
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