View of Modernization

I selected these images because they all relate back to modernization. First off, starting with the Olympics. This sculpture represents the work and effort that each athlete puts into the Olympics. This sculpture more represents a team event in which each individual has to put in their effort to keep the Olympic flag up. Second image of the construction of Madison Square Gardens. Viewers can create meaning to how old this image is just by realizing that it is not colour and by the age of the cars that are at the bottom. Next with the picture of the Art Gallery of Ontario, it seems like that building is a little out of place. The art building is very modern compared to the rest of the buildings in the picture. However, many new art buildings are like this in Ontario. The next image I thought was interesting because it is of an old stadium that has been turned into an art gallery. All the seats still remain in the stadium so it gives the views unlimited angles to look at the art pieces. Secondly this being mostly modern are it gives the stadium a more modern feel. The last image I selected was of a sculpture of the CN Tower. I believe the CN Tower was very modern for its time. It has a very modern design and is an iconic piece on Canada. 

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