Graffiti Junction

This gallery is focused on Graffiti, or street art, and where it is placed around the world. I have always been fascinated by the completely open nature of Graffiti and how a piece of street art can vary from a simple word to an entire mural on the side of a building. The images featured in this gallery feocus on pieces that have a great contrast to the environment around it or pieces that significantly change the feeling of the environment around it. 

what really drew me to this image was the extreme contrast between the plain black background and the bright neon color pallet used in the graffiti. The variety of images featured within the piece of graffiti as a whole. It seems that it was painted by multiple artists
What drew me to this image was how much the presence of graffiti has changed the scenery present in this photo. What would have been a plain white building with some trees and a city behind it has been transformed into a piece of art. I also found it interesting that the graffiti is in the center of the image which draws your eye to it.
This image was one of my favorites from the collection. Just imagine how magnificent this palace was twenty or thirty years ago. A place that was once so opulent has been abandoned and turned into a deserted wasteland. The graffiti has almost given it a new life, transforming it again into a piece of art.
What I loved about this image was the extreme difference between one side of the building versus the other, giving it a yin and yang feel. As a pedestrian walking down the street you would see one wall saying peace, and then turn the corner and see something that completely changes the presence of the graffiti also greatly changes the appearance of the outside of the building.
what really drew me to this picture was the amount that the grafiti changed this picture. The building the artist painted on seems fairy new and the cars parked in front of it giving the impression that it is a fairly upscale community. The addition of graffiti to the side of the building not only gives the scene more of an urban feel but also gives the fairly plain building more character. The mural is extremely large and detailed which leads me to believe that it was commissioned by the owner of the building.
I found this image to be extremely interesting because of the background of the image. The wall the graffiti is painted on is right infront of a clear blue sky, and the water that is featured in the mural blends in very well with the bright blue sky behind it, almost making it seem like one continuous image. The crane behind the building adds an interesting dynamic that is unlike the ocean theme featured in the rest of the image. This image apply to my theme because without the mural being present on the wall it would simply be a white rectangle infront of a blue sky therefore completely changing the dynamics of the image.
I loved how much the Graffiti popped in this image. the entire background is white and the bright colors featured seem to just jump out of the image and are the only thing i can focus on. Without the presence of graffiti in this image it would seem extremely clean and calm, but with it it looks like a creative urban environment.
This image was rather unique compared to the others, street art is normally seen in cities or other large congested areas, but this building strikes me as an art gallery or even a church. The building sits by itself and the architecture is very minimal but also very unique, The graffiti present on the front of the building almost looks like text and gives the building a completely different look then it would if it was blank.
what really drew me to this image was how much the graffiti present on the building stands out. The image features a fairly typical urban city setting that seems to be older and a little bit run down. The graffiti on the building transforms it from a run down city to a huge canvas that features a beutiul mural that adds so much life to the city.
I felt that this final picture was the best example of the theme i wanted to portray in this gallery. Without the presence of the graffiti on the wall this image would simply be an abandoned building with a rundown city around it, but the addition of the image adds so much life, It is an interesting contrast between the bright colors and happy imagery of the graffiti and the deserted rundown buildings around it. It is a perfect example of what originally drew me to street art, how much it can change the environment around it.
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