Beautiful NAture - Tabitha sanchez

This Gallery Includes representations of Nature and its colors; like seasons, landscapes and water. There will be trees, grass, mountains, water, sky's and other elements in these paintings. Each painting will have a description of it's visual and subject based theme including nature, color, movement and texture. The purpose is to admire nature in what ever form it's in. 

This nature painting shows one of my visual themes which is color. The close up hills all the way to the trees have different shades of green. Following, the mountains in the back are white, gray and a little brown; the sky is cloudy and the rainbow is light with colors. All of these colors together create this beautiful nature image and make everything stand out.
This paintings is a great example of the subject based theme I chose, nature. Very similar to the previous one, this painting is lighted with colors. The grass and trees are very green and the texture of the mountains look wet and rocky. There is also a rainbow and gray rain, giving the painting the feel of a tropical place.
This landscape has unique colors. A light blue is used for the water and a mixture of white and blue used for the mountain in the back. The white at the top of the mountains blends with the white of the sky. The shore is a light brown color and a small piece of land in the water is the same color. Before the mountains there seems to be more land of the same color of the shore with a touch of light green.
This landscape is represented as in the spring season. Trees and grass are very green with white and yellow. One part in the grass is dark green and some strokes of paint are angled giving the feel of the grass moving along with the wind. The sky is light blue with very few white clouds.
Fall season could be presented in this painting. There is a field of blue bonnets covering the ground and the trees have fall colors like green, red and orange. The sky is very light with a mixture of blue and green. All the other colors are bright and strong showing this landscape to be healthy.
This painting is a wooded landscape with strong and dark colors. The trees trunk are dark brown showing that they are strong and healthy; the leaves are different shades of green from dark to light. The bushes or grass to the side are long and also dark green. The ground path has a nice texture of being bumpy and the sky and the water are light blue.
This painting seems to be the start of Autumn season. There is a lot of green, light and dark shades, but also some orange and yellow in the painting as well. They sky looks very cloudy and the strokes of paint makes the grass and trees to seem like they are drying out. The branches and the trunks seem light brown and gray, giving them the look of old and weak.
In this painting, the trees trunks look unrealistic since they are painted blue with a bit of brown and outlined with black. All the way in the back it seems to be night time since its dark blue and black. The grass looks strong and is green with the tips white, yellow and orange. The way the grass or flowers are painted, it seems like there is movement from the wind since the paint strokes are from different angles.
This painting is representing Autumn. The trees on the left are a bright yellow and orange; on the right the trees are green and blue. The water is reflecting the cloudy sky and the trees. The texture of the water seems like its moving with the current but not much movement is involved.
Represented in this painting seems to be a pond. There are lilies of many different bright colors like yellow, pink, purple, blue and green lying on the water. There is also grass sticking up from underneath the water; the grass is a strong green. The water doesn't have any movement but has a texture of just like a pond would look like.
Credits: All media
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