This gallery includes representations of the greek god, Zeus, in paintings and sculptures.

This is a statue of Zeus sitting on a beaten up throne. The thrones texture is rough, completely opposite to the texture of his clothes which seem to be trying to look like silk. Half of his face is a darker color than the other which could show two personalities or it could be from being weathered on. The lines are all horizontal leading to the right of the statue.
A marble statue of the greek god Zeus throwing a mighty thunder bolt from the heavens on top of a block of red marble. Zeus is throwing a thunderbolt at something in his path. The texture it is looks smooth with polish while the intent is a smooth body built like a god. Most of the shapes used in the statute are circles to help show that smooth texture.
A sculpture of the head of Zeus with his head posing heroically into the sky. His hair is made up of multiple rectangles that curve making them look more like noodles than hair. The lines then come in with vertical lines turning horizontal. His little pieces of silk clothing are made up of only vertical lines.
Another sculpture of the head of Zeus, only this time, it is only his head with his eyes closed. The hair on his head has light brown color to it to show his hair color while his beard has a faint white color showing his age. His lips are in a shape that suggests disgust. The hair and beard are both all made up of circles.
This statue has the Roman god Jupiter who is the same greek god Zeus only under a different name. Jupiter, with his mighty scepter, is sitting on a throne made of stone. His clothes have the texture of silk and are colored gold like the eagle wrapped around his leg. The real texture is hard and rough.
This is the temple of Zeus. It is a sculpture of what was once in front of the temple and some of its surroundings. The texture of the women statue is like worn heavy clothes draping down. In reality it is rough and bumpy. The lines on the statue are all going downwards vertically.
A painting of the Greek god Zeus with a very long beard. Most of the lines in his beard are vertical heading downwards. His face is made up of multiple circles and horizontal lines covered with dark shading. He seems deformed in this painting with the bright background colors and the white color of his face.
Another statue of Jupiter only this one is just his head. The texture in reality and implied are both metallic and hard. His beard are curved vertical lines flowing into one another. The color is a greenish grey that helps show that metallic texture. His eyes are hollow making the statue mysteries.
This is a picture of the real temple of Zeus. This is what is remaining of the temple when the picture was take in 1865. The lines from top to bottom of these statues are vertical lines wrapping all the way around. They are all cylinder shaped helping to hold up the roof that used to exist there.
This early 18th-century painting is of three bodies lying in front of the greek god of thunder Zeus. Lines in the painting are all circular shapes the are both vertical and horizontal. Even Zeus's wings are curved downward in a circular shape. The background is a tan almost sandpaper color while the figures are dark grey.
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