Colors That Pop

The contrast of the red and black pulls the audience in and with the various colors makes you eye move around the canvas
The color pulls you in but you admire the shape
This work with the amount of red used makes you feel excited
Contrast to the last piece this one gives you a feeling of cool, and cutting edge
The color scheme of this interior office makes you feel awake and alive... If you fall asleep at work here wow!
Natural colors can pop too, especially my favorite red.
Beatiful contrast, with the dark background the flowers pop and your eyes want to explore
graffiti artists are known for using bright colors in their art, usually to get a point across; or just to leave a mark
The dark background makes the foreground pop with the colors that were used
This image was interesting to me i like the use of green throughout the piece... this to me was kind of a cool color scheme
Bright you can see this from a mile away and the head in the center is not maybe to show significance
on the bottom there a cool natural color scheme, and at the top the color scheme is more intense
contrasting color scheme that makes you eye move across the canvas to see the artist messege
Red is used to portray love here and its more calming than alert
Eyes are attracted immediately to the red clouds then you eyes move to horses hooves
Credits: All media
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