Lines-This artwork is a form of lines because the are blue lines going down the paper.
Shape-This artwork is a form of shape because it is a made up shape and looks like a shape.
Geometric Shape-This artwork looks like a geometric shape because it is half of a trapezoid and looks like a shape I have seen in class.
Form-This piece of art is a form of form because it has height, width, and depth. You can aslo walk around them.
Value-This piece of art is value because it is one of the three properties of color. (grey)
Space-This is space because there is and empty space in the middle of the donut. There is also space around the outside.
Texture-This is texture because if you look at it, it looks like it will be hard like a rock. When you touch it it will be like a rock. A hard feeling.
Credits: All media
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