I know who you are Mr. Guitar - Jarian Felton

This gallery includes pieces that are all about displaying guitars and humanity's affair with it. Not only does it display a host of figures engaging with the guitar, but each picture represents a different perspective and storyline for the guitar displayed. This subject offers a myriad of pieces to chose from but I only chose those with great contrast, nice texture, and rich color. May the guitar show us who we are!

Who is this woman who's shadow mirrored image is clearly seen while playing a blue guitar. I see smooth lines, along with an analogous color scheme, and symmetry in the form of reflection.
Here is a more distinguished gentlemen playing his guitar, sheet music before him. I see such beautiful contrast, another formal elements is value and texture.
One of my favorite finds. Here is three ladies having a cup of tea, and a guitar is their wall piece. Texture is awesome, contrast is strong, and proportion is found in unity.
This drypoint piece is a man standing playing guitar. Lines are very present. I also see negative space and positive space.
This is a guitar jewelry piece with a perl. Simply beautiful! Notice rounded lines the black negative space and value
This is a unwinding Gentleman sitting in his chair playing his guitar. I notice value, texture, saturation, and complementary color harmony.
This fair faced guy is simply holding his guitar. This is clearly a portrait. The color palette is analogous and there is value in this piece as well as contrast and texture.
This is a abstract expression of a person of color holding their guitar. The lines help to create shape and the color seems to be tetradic.
This black and white is a man having a seat outside it seems playing his guitar. Color scheme is complimentary. The texture is very evident and the value is present also.