Panja,Srijan 7C

I like this picture cause it looks so realistic and the painting is so clear that it feels like this is a photograph instead of a painting. The color is perfect so the painting is perfect. So, I like this painting!
This picture makes me feel the expression that was in this picture. It feels like I am in this picture. It's so realistic. I think this picture is related to the 50's. So, I like this picture and I hope you like it too.
I Like this painting because this is the only detailed sketched that I have seen through all of the other sketches. I describes the wet floor, the people, buildings and the ship. It looks like a Photo taken from a camera but it was on the mode of Black and White. He drew it really well. So, I like this painting.
I like this picture because it gives me details by the colors of the ***** and they have explained it to me clearly that there were lots of people waiting for this train. I also like about this painting is the way they drew it. A very simple drawing but we can still believe that this was a train even though he didn't paint it properly. So, I like this painting.
I like this painting because it reminds me of the famous paintings made my the Chinese and I think I know why they really like this painting because it is very detailed, it has showed the thick lines that makes me think that maybe it has to do with an emotion like beauty of a forest. So, I like this painting.
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