Above all things

A collection of aerial photography giving a perspective not seen on a daily basis.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the day Japan attacked. This is truly a day America will never forget. From above the amount of devastation can be seen all at once. Thank you for your service to this great country and may the fallen soldiers rest in peace.
This aerial photograph shows Cape Peron North. Surrounded by water, this uninhabited piece of land rarely gets explored. Seeing it from above gives a unique vantage point looking inland.
The Palace of Fine Arts or Palacio De Bellea Artes as it is know in Mexico City, is one of the most important cultural centers in Mexico City. We would normally look up at a building like this.
The Chateau de Chenonceau, in France, is a breath taking estate. It's large courtyard is even more marvelous from the air than it is on the ground. You are able to see the whole property at once.
This castle in France, Seine et Marne, is a product of the French revolution. Beautiful architecture and natural stone make this a beauty to look at. Especially from above.
Cinque Terre is a city built in to the side of a cliff in Italy. Situated right on the water the entire city has a brilliant water view. Seeing it from above gives a better understanding of how steep it is.
Robben Island is set off the coast of South Africa. It is the site of a former prison, now a museum. Much like Alcatraz is the U.S. we can see how escape would be difficult seeing as the island is not a close swim.
Thomaskirche, or the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany is a stunning building built in the 12th century. It is the home of the St. Thomas Boys Choir. This aerial gives an idea of the large scale.
This LIFE photo is of a river running between two mountains. The fog give it an erie feel. This picture reminds me of how small we really are. Looking closely we can see a boat in the bottom of the frame.
New York City. Need I say more. One the most well known cities in the world. It has some of the most iconic buildings of any city. From above we can see how densely populated the island is.
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