Magic of color

Color is all around us. In daily life, you can see color in the sky, trees, buildings, or even in people around you. Color is one of the elements of art that artists used in order to create magic in their art piece. Here are some of art works that show how magnificent and powerful colors are.

Primary color like red, yellow, blue, and secondary color like green, orange, and purple are the good combination of color used in almost every art piece, like this one.
Adding white in any color makes color brighter, also somehow creates milky color into it. The Artist used geometric shape and bright color to create this painting.
Van Gogh used cool color such as green and blue in this painting in order to create feeling of peace landscape of green field.
Warm color are used in order to create a feeling of power, energy, passion, and action.This picture is an example of using red and orange together to create sense of power.
In order to creates tints, artist has to add white in to the color and it will make the color lighter.
On the other hand, in order to create shades, artist has to add black into color and it will make the painting darker.
Harmony is a technique for combining colors. In this painting, artist use yellow as a main color and keep this tone to create harmony in this painting.
Contrast could be created by using complementary color (opposite color on the color wheel). In this picture, artist used bright pink, green and blue to create chaos in the picture.
This is another example of using contrast in painting. Blue and orange are complementary color on the color wheel.
In this painting, artist create colorful picture, using a lot of color in order to catch attention from viewers.
Adding complementary into the color also can create a realistic feeling in the painting. This painting isn't have only green but has warm color like orange and yellow in it to balance color.
This painting use contrast between orange and blue to create realistic painting.
In a very dark space, if artist add color into it, it will make an object more clear and drag viewer's eyes to see it first.
Same thing for very bright space, artist could create shape of an object by adding color into their painting.
Also, if artist would like to create a dramatic felling in their painting, they could add extreme light and shadow into their painting. Then, add bright color into it.