color wheeling the world

all of my work that I chose was picked out from different parts of the world.

Red black and white are my favorite colors, when mashed together with graffiti it will always catch my eye. Also I chose the gallery it was from because its from Colombia which my family is from.
The green clowns caught my eye and the expressions make the mural even more meaningful.
Black and White in these reminded me of the "end of the world" look. Also very detailed.
More colorful graffiti that grabbed my attention. Also the blue superhero mask was what made me choose this work.
The bright colors are nice to look at but the perspective of the parking lot walls made me choose this.
The 3-D lighting was confusing but fascinating to look at up close. Its an amazing way the colors were used in this painting.
Though only black and white the work has a lot of meaning and really pops out and catches the eye from any angle.
The flow of this work is smooth and easy on the eye. The blues are what really grab your attention.
Though simple and cliche, the colorful and funny posters can relate to everyone in the room.
The two walls are similar but different in a few ways but both still use the background to their advantage to really show the colors thats being used.
The red pops on the black and grey backgrounds. the thick lines and splatters are also my favorite detailed parts of this chaotic piece.
Who doesn't love naps? Also the soft blues and the desk compliment each other.
The use of color, depth, design and cans of spray paint is amazing. The white really helps highlight parts.
Being a Marvel fan this grabbed my attention, the orange really makes this work pop and grab your attention even in low lit areas.
An extremely emotional piece the water looks very detailed and vibrant. The blues and purples are highlighted by the whites from the reflection.
Though only black and white many people wouldn't understand this piece. Its of the man that jumped form the twin towers on September 11th.
Credits: All media
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