Beautiful Women.

No matter their color, shape, culture or century, there can be beauty found in every woman.

Although she may be portrayed as crying in the painting, i don't feel any sadness. Maybe she is happy, nostalgic, bittersweet.
Although some may not find her body to be that of a super model, she is confident in this photo and confidence is beautiful.
I image this woman of a darker color, laying out in the sun. I found this photo beautiful because her arms lay behind her neck as a pillow, it makes the viewer feel as if she's at peace; relaxed.
A bit curious in this photo, or perhaps just wondering about something that has been plaguing her.
My first though when I saw this piece was the woman may be dead, lying in the water. but, her eyes are open and nothing else about the photo strikes me as chaotic. i believe she ran away and hid there, maybe its one of her favorite places.
The birth of Venus; what is more beautiful than the birth of another life?
This woman, displaying confidence in her posture, may be slightly interested in the man in the portrait.She seems confortable with her arm drawn back onto the bench.
Another beautiful form of life, children. Women and children.
Flora seems less confident, but still beautiful with her head piece. Perhaps, she has yet to embrace her beauty.
In this portait I see a woman with a beautiful dress, another beautiful part of being a woman are the clothes.
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