War: Victory, and consequences

(By Andrew Bledsoe) War is the most powerful tool among nations. War shows who has power and who is not afraid to use it. How many wars have occurred in the past century alone? The last century could be called the most violent and bloodiest of all. But in light of Victory, the Consequences are too often overlooked, brushed aside, or just called casualties. I have selected pieces which spoke to me, and present my point that freedom comes at a price. Enjoy. 

In this image, the man present is reflecting on many battles throughout recent history. I choose this image for the purpose of giving you the viewer a chance to reflect on the value of these images.
This image illustrates people fighting for a life unoppressed by another country. Even at great moral cost. Notice the contrast of color, and how your eyes are drawn to the figure on the hill.
Notice how the cool colors give this image a soft tone of appreciation for the independence this crowd of people is celebrating. Victory can come at a moments notice, and there will be a celebration.
Notice the more uniformity of this image. See how the flags draw your attention, what comparisons can be made inferred by the flags proximity to each other? Perhaps a new respect for freedom.
Notice the ironic contrast in this image. A bright picture of soldiers injured in battle, they have been blinded probably due to toxins. What do the colors say? Maybe war isn't really so bright.
Here is a dark drawing of a landscape ravished by war with wire entombing a dead tree. What is the artist saying about nature? War tears apart nations demographically and geographically.
Now an oil painting showing devastated homes and the previous, now homeless, inhabitants. Take notice of the use of darks here to arouse emotional sympathy for the families and the illusion of smoke.
After battles bodies littered the field. This painting uses darks to describe the emptiness of these wastelands as your eyes are drawn to the lifeless body in the light.
This scene depicts a soldier as he walks through an infirmary filled with the injured. By the light, the screaming soldier draws your attention. I chose this to reveal the cost of freedom.
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