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Children of the Renaissance

a. The young child is extremely rich, wearing the brightest red and gold fabric, embellished with swirls and plumage. b. The background shows the young child's shadow where his clothes are, which bring out the brightness of his clothes, which displayed his wealth. c. The artist probably wanted the viewers to see how rich the boy was, with the vibrant colors of his clothes, and how well-groomed the boy was. d. The boy's name is Edward Vl, and he is an extremely prissy git with a tendency to throw fits and whine when things don't go his way. He enjoys torturing his nurse, bullying other boys. His signature line is the same as Draco Malfoy's, "My father will hear about this!"
a. Judging by the plain shirt and jacket he is wearing, he is not from a rich family. Also, he also holding a quill and a tablet, symbolizing his love for writing. b. From the background, you can tell that he is willing to devote himself to his work, because the olive colored wall is plain, and on the table there is nothing but writing, which means he is, to some extent, dedicated to his work. c.The viewer wants to show people that the boy is dedicated to his work. This is shown through the background the artist paints, as well the way he paints the boy as serious and the quill and tablet in his hand. d. The boy's name is Edmund, and he is a scholar. His master is a famous author, and he is extremely dedicated to his work. He came from a poor family, yet works hard to become successful. He is stubborn and always refuses to give up. He takes work seriously, and never joins in when the other boys are playing or harassing each other.
a. The girl is wearing a large, gold neck lace. Her clothes seem to be well-made, yet austere. Her head is pulled back into a tall cap, and she has a regal expression on her face. Since she is painted to have a large forehead, white skin, and expensive clothing, she is probably from a rich family, and this is a portrait to be sent to a suitor. b. The background is dark, making the girl's features and pale skin stand out, in order to show her beauty. They tell us that she wants herself to be the main focus of the picture. This is important, because it tells about her personality, as well as why the portrait was commissioned. c.The artist wanted the viewers to think of the girl as rich, as well as being the paragon of the fashion then. This is shown when he makes her hairline seem extremely high, and paints her pace as extremely pale. Also, he uses light and brightens her skin, and keeps the background bright in order to make her stand out. d. This girl's name is Francesca. Her brother and her father are both merchants, making them quite well off. She likes to collect Russian caps and play with her baby sisters. She is shy, but is good with children. She enjoys embroidering flowers.
a. The clothing tells us that he is scholarly, because he is wearing a scholar's cap commonly worn by those especially bookish during the Renaissance. b. The background shows that he likes nature, which is also proven when he is actually SMILING in the painting. c. The painter painted that background to show viewers the kind of person the boy is. Also, he uses light and shadows to give the person a neck. d. The boy's name is Ippolito l d'Este. He is a well-known Cardinal. He is part of the assembly. He enjoys learning about God, telling people about the dangers of trusting Martin Luther, and dancing through fields of flowers.
a. The boy's clothing tells you that he is extremely well-off. This is shown with the finely woven material, the intricate hair, and the cap that he is wearing. b. The background makes you focus on the intricate design of his headpiece. Also, the way the hair is lopped around his neck, it stands out due to the darkness of the background. c. The artist wanted to make the subject seem extremely important, making the painting dark, and the person bright. Also, he makes the subject take up most of the screen. d. The boy's name is Johann. His mother is quite eccentric, choosing to dress him in women's clothing. He is a spoiled brat, with a fetish for fancy hats.
a. The clothing shows the boy comes from a wealthy family. This is shown by the way he has a high lace collar, and finely woven cloth shirt. b. The background shows that the boy wants to be focused on, since the background is black. It makes his skin and collar seem more bright, and his shirt blends into the background, forcing you to look at his face. It also shows that he is portrayed as studious and intelligent, as he is holding a book. c.The artist wants the viewer to focus on the boy's face. He does this by making the background and his shirt dark, forcing you to focus on his collar and face. d. The boy's name is Tiberius, and he is from a wealthy noble's son. His parents doted on him from birth, and he became a serious and precocious child.
a. The boy's clothing tells you that he is probably from middle class family, as he is wearing a simple button down shirt, as well as a simple cap. b. The background tells you that the boy is clearly healthy, since he is outside. It also tells you that he enjoys being outside, though his frown contradicts that. c. The artist was trying to portray the boy as a calm person, judging from the neutral expression on his face. d. The boy's name is Reed, and he is a farmer's son, but his uncle, who was a merchant, had this commissioned. He enjoys helping his father out, and he is calm, and aspires to become a scholar someday.
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