Color Flow

In this collection I didn't intended to pick specific colours but to explain why the colours' movement caught my eyes.

Even without the visible strokes the colours are contrast. From the first glance people might say it's just an abstract painting but if you look from afar it perfectly express the seawall even shadow
This is a famous art, and one of my favourite. The colours here are not realistic or gradient but with the strong colours and the flow of lines gives motion. Sometimes when I stare it waves
The artist chose cold colours here but its rich in variation, most of the geometries are different coloured. Northern lights aren't actually stiff like in this picture but you can tell what it is
I chose this because the main 2 colours are opposite, red and green. It shows that the flow between opposite colours always create black. And since the black hue represents shadow a depth can be seen.
This piece can show one main colour can make thousands of other similar yet different colours.
This piece is also mostly one colour but adding shadow and light with the excellent work on the fabrics makes it realistic
The artist used a lot of amount of white in this piece. White represents purity or innocence but here with strong brush strokes and dark colours it gives a little different feeling
There are many skin colours and most of the times finding the exact one is the hardest. But in here the artist made an excellent work finding it and the soft flow gives us the feeling of the soft skin
The mass of the colour is cold in here but with a small amount of warm colour gives the sparkle therefore its making it not so boring or cold
This is on the ceiling of an opera house. The many colours and the soft gradient matches the feeling of any opera. Also if you look closely there are many female figures playing music or dancing.
The heavy dark scene here is a Baroque style and they've dramatic poses, facial expressions. But there isn't a human figure here. Small various colours and beautiful lighting gives life to the flowers
Surrealisms combine various pieces in one canvas, therefore combine many colours. But it doesn't push each other out. There are sharp edges but layering the colours made it flow right
Egyptian paintings only use red, green, blue, yellow, white and black. None of the colours overlap so they don't make different colour. But only with few colours they tell many stories.
Like Egyptian art this piece or the artist doesn't use many different colours. But the difference is he used other hues like orange and purple. Also the objects are not stiff.
Even without various colours we can make art. This piece only used black and white.