Human Figures

This painting is quite simple. You can tell that this painting is old because of the proportioning of the background and the knights facial features aren't as detailed as they should be. The body proportions look good though.
I love the details on the woman in this painting. I love the soft pastels the artist portrays her wearing. She is posing so that the light hits her well almost making her look glorious or like a part of nature. Even the way she's holding the flowers looks posed. You can see the dark values in the trees so you know that the light is coming directly from the center over the woman.
This is quite simple. Almost like the "young knight in a landscape". The only values I see are under the curtains so I'm assuming the light source is in front of the men. The stance the men are in make them look quite short.
This painting portrays a dark mood. The colors look faded or like a gloomy day, eerie and kind of creepy. Like something in a horror movie and it's ironic because it's suppose to be Princess. Perhaps they're trying to portray the princess negatively. She looks tall, maybe because of the long dress and robe. The dress has a high waist which makes her legs look longer.
I like this painting.It's simple yet it says so much. George Washington's body language looks inviting and humble with his hand extended. He was known to be a nice guy. The colors in this painting are also elegant which suits it since Washington was the 1st president.
Th man and woman look sad or awkward. The way they are posed is funny and so are the expressions on their faces. You can see the shadows and values on their faces so you can tell the light source is a little behind the woman.
I think that this painting really shows proportions on the human body. The man is standing ** right so you can really see the measurements of his legs, waist , head and shoulders. i love the colors in this painting. They're pretty and elegant, fit for royalty.
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