(LINE )I picked this painting for the category of line since the whole painting is made of lines. it consists of long lines, short lines, curved, and straight.
Organic shape- I used this art piece for organic shape because the shapes in the painting are more free style since those shapes dont really exist on a human being most of all arent perfect shapes.
Form- I used this picture because the image uses height,width,and depth putting it into the form category.
Value- I used this image for value because of all the shading and different dark and light spots.
Space- I used this picture for space since it has negative and positive space on both sides and switches off.
Texture- this image represents texture since the painting looks like an old material and if you w=touched it the texture would feel a specific way.
Color- I used this for color because the colors change they are darker at the bottom and lighter at the top. The painting itself uses a lot of colors.
Credits: All media
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