Even gods have a past-shantia goodson

This gallery includes painting,sculptures,of Gods and Goddesses as in Zeus, Athena and others of different time periods. Also, will show the movement of each painting and Sculpture.  Shantia Goodson

some see the birth of Venus, some see her triumphal parade, and others see the sea god Neptune's marine procession. My question is what do you see?
In Egypt cats play a very important role they are the Gods that have been resurrected into them and they have been worshipping them for a very long time
image of the goddess of water of springs, lakes, rivers and seas, called Chalchiuhtlicue, this was a very powerful mythical person and very beautiful
this picture has three figures two othem are women and the other is a man. Hades the man, Proserpina the women he is holding and Naiad nymph Cyane the women who is under both of them
This is a scuplture of Selen the moon godess and as you can see she has the cresent of the moon over her head which provides hope for the deacesed.
Thetis was a Nereid (sea-nymph), loved by Zeus, king of the gods, and Poseidon, god of the sea. She soon barred a son who would be mighter than his father.
This the God that every on loves and hates Cupid the God of Love. In some paintings they show up as babies with wings well this is the Sculputure of the actual God himslef
This is the myth of Pandora, the first woman, a beautiful evil is what they called her. She was a gift and a punishment for men.
This is a very colorful but also a bewildered picture. It has the cupids in the air also as the lady on the ground laying on roses show that she is loved by many but the other two have no name.
This picture represents the Rain God, Thunder God, Wind God and others, as you look real closely you can see all of them and their powers. This very old but very significant and beautiful.
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