Turquoise Waters

The themes for my exhibition consists of water and the colour Turquoise. Majority of the exhibition is made up of water themed artworks. The reason I have chosen water is because water symbolises some of the most important things in life such as; Life, Motion, Renewal, Blessing, Intuition, Reflection, Subconsious, Fertilisation, Purification and Transformation. I have also chosen this theme because summer is my favourite season. Every summer, I spend most of my time in the water at the beach.The beach is one of my favourite places because there is just so much to discover. I love going snorkeling with my friends and family, observing the natural wonders under the sea, whether its plants such as coral, interesting looking shells or any type of sea creatures like fish, bluebottles, etc. Some of the artworks in my exhibition have the colour Turquoise in them. Turquoise is my favourite colour because to me it shows a sense of calmness and purity. It is known to be that the brightness of this colour is a symbol for happiness and can increase a persons self-confidence. Turquoise stones are believed to be holy and are used for getting rid of negative energy. Another reason why Turquoise is my favourite colour and why it is in my exhibition is because it is also my months colour/stone; December. The meaning of December having this colour is it once again represents a happy life filled with good fortune. I believe my artworks relate to one another because the two themes represent me as a person and my differences, interests, hobbies, etc. Also, because water is blue so I just chose a lighter shade (turquoise) and chose the best artworks that go together.

SUBJECTIVE FRAME This artwork depicts Monets water and flower garden in Giverny.
POSTMODERN FRAME I believe this artwork is outside the mainstream because it is the first one I have seen to be inspired by a Scottish fairytale book. The girl here is Princess Guvstarr/Cottongrass.
STRUCTURAL FRAME The main materials and processes used in this artwork are oil, paint and canvas.
CULTURAL FRAME The place represented in this artwork is the second largest lake in Italy,Lake Maggiore.It is the venue for the Woodstock Festival and was owned by Nomadic people of prehistoric types.