Gallery of lines : Ociel bahena

Their is bright poles keeping the building up, also giving a sense of power and strength, they are giving contrast to the darker ceiling
There is many lines, grey black and brown lines going horizontally giving a sense of confusion and being lost.
The white trees are tall and thin giving a sense of power but a calm feeling, lines are used to give details such as bark and the leaves on the ground.
Their is thick colorless lines, at one point they might have been bright and vibrant but over time they have lost their color like people feel they have lost their lives.
Lines are making the grass, they're making wind appear and are they form the tree and the wheat being grown, this is a calm atmoshpere.
Their is many lines with many different colors that appear to never finish, they curl around and wrap around the painting making me feel lost and confused, the colors are vibrant and plenty.
There is lines going vertically, at the top of the painting it is blue and slowly begins losing its color and becomes dull, it is as if the artist gave up on this painting and his own life.
Their is a sharp contrast between the two pieces of art, lines help give it a sense of them being old and cracked down, there is air being shown along with trees near it kind of capturing the models.
Many lines are curving and start off darkly then loops back around to the lighter side of colors, they curve upward and stop suddenly as if the artist wanted to represent confusion and regret.
THeir is a huge contrast between the blue background and the red figure standing in between it, the background looks like glittery and happy, the figure looks excited and overwhelmed at the same time.
The lines are forming the rain and are different colors and can be used to calm the artwork and split it, into pieces and grass and a farmhouse can be observed.It gives a sense of positivity and death.
THere is many lines being used splitting the background and changing the blue shade to help the main focus pop out, the flower is a lighter shade and is popping because of the glittery effect.
Cloud like figures are shooting out of the air and helping the scene appear to be calm also being infulenced by the clear blue sky and no one in sight.