A String of Musical Pieces - Cassandra Mayo

I love the look, feel and sound of guitars and I enjoy listening to the music of string instruments.This gallery is filled with paintings, sculptures that contain and/or represent various stringed instruments like guitars, violins and banjos.

This piece uses geometric shapes, shadows and an unusual color for the subject of the work which can be determined a guitar because of the noticeable strings and sound hole in the center of the piece plus the guitar-like shape around the hole and strings. Most of the actual instrument is colored in white lines on a light shade of blue, while there are blue lines atop what looks like a white paper, resembling sheet music, below the outlining shape of the guitar.
The overall scene in this piece is full of shaded lines and soft colors. It seems to be a calm scene where a gentleman is playing the violin and a woman sits by and plays along on her guitar. Each seems peaceful and content in their surroundings, perhaps playing a melody together or just practicing their own instrument seperately. The large window in the background provides a bright and complete lighting source for the entire scene.
A geometric sculpture that depicts precisely what it is entitled, being a man sitting with a guitar on his lap. Though it is not a realistic looking man, it is clear from the shape of his fingers holding the neck of the guitar and his legs crossed so as to appear sitting that this is the subject of the sculpture. Each section of the piece is a shape with edges and no rounded corners.
"Woman Playing the Guitar" is a beautiful piece with a rough sort of texture and no hard lines or edges. The subject of the work, however, is clear to the viewer. A woman sits with a guitar in her lap and her fingers on the fret board, her opposite hand looks to be strumming the strings of the guitar. It is an acoustic guitar, so perhaps she is playing a soft melody for her own enjoyment or practicing for a future performance. There appears to be a blue ribbon at one end of the guitar but no sure reason why that may be there.
This Gibson Les Paul electric guitar is displayed at the National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota and is a beautiful piece of artwork in itself. A photograph will not do justice to the brightly colored body, smooth and metallic with golden accents and bold fret board markers that make this guitar stand out. It is a classic Les Paul design. Just viewing this piece would make many musician's want to strum it's strings at least once, or even inspire one to head off and play their own guitar.
Full of life and color is this piece. Although the forms and the imagery within this piece are not realistic they are still very well recognizable as people dancing and playing musical instruments. The person on the right, a man, is playing a banjo and the person in front of him, a woman, is playing a tambourine. A small dog is at their side balancing atop a ball, suggesting that they are performers putting on their show and playing music for an audience. Primary colors make up most of this piece to catch the viewer's eye and create a happy and lively appearance.
This is an incredibly realistic painting of a still life containing several different objects. The main subject is a violin, perched elegantly atop a type of table or stand. It's smooth surface is a golden brown color and is reflecting a single light source hitting it and the rest of the objects from the right side of the piece. There is also a large pot filled with colorful blooming flowers and some fruits holding down a few pages of sheet music on the table. Perhaps unnoticed at first is a small nest-like object to the left of the piece and there look to be small bird's eggs inside. The piece has much detail and various items to look at within it which will keep the viewer interested.
This piece features a man and a younger boy, both holding violins. The man, however, is not playing his like the boy. This suggests there is a lesson going on, like the title says. In the background there are other instruments as well including a piano and an acoustic guitar. The overall feeling of the piece is soft and delicate, yet the expression on the man's face suggests that he is giving the boy a very stern lesson in playing the violin.
The intensely bright colors in this piece pop nicely against the darker colors in the background. The main subject, the guitar, is simply painted. The shape is very noticeable as an acoustic guitar, yet there are no strings strung completely across the instrument. The bowl of fruit to the left of the guitar adds to the bright contrast of the piece and the rough looking texture of the paint seems to have been painted in thick layers all over the canvas.
With a soft texture and use of cool colors along with incredibly realistic imagery this painting features a woman holding a blue acoustic guitar. This woman has two distinctly different faces, the reason is not known just by looking at the piece. However, both of her facial expressions are very similar, so it is not to show two sides of the same person or two personalities, so to speak. In the background there lies a cat, looking on towards the woman. Perhaps she is playing a melody and stopped, causing the cat to look at her. Sometimes animals can be very aware of music and other surrounding sounds.